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- I have learned what the energy spectrum is and how to investigate what element the stellar object is made of from it.

- I have learned to use a program to calculate the area of ​​an image.

-Most of the deep sky objects that I have investigated are made by Hydrogen.

   · Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element, constituting approximately 75% of the visible matter in the universe. In their main sequence, stars are mainly composed of hydrogen in the plasma state.

-There are different types of supernovae and each type has its characteristics.

-Now a formula will be made to calculate the magnitude from the period. I know how to do it in two ways and this makes me think that there is no single formula to calculate a certain thing. 

-Before I did not know that there were stars that could change their luminosity. Now I know why it happens and the radius of an exoplanet and a star will be calculated.

-Some of my results do not resemble those of the scientists. This can be due to several factors. One of them is that when looking for the energy in eV of each element I have done it thinking that electrons move between layers 3 and 2. But this is not usually the case, because the temperature of these celestial objects is very high and the electrons of these elements move in other layers of the atom.