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NGC 2169

NGC 2169 is located at a distance of 3,600 light years from Earth. The open cluster is nicknamed "cluster 37" due to its resemblance to number 37.


I have analyzed the spectrum of this HII ionized region. In this graph I have looked at which were the highest peaks, to identify what element it is made of. Then I have calculated the area of ​​each peak with respect to the total and these are my results.

To show that these are the correct elements I will attach some photos. To find what each element is, I have used the following web page:

            HYDROGEN                                          ZINC                                          BROMINE                               EUROPIUM


I have searched scientific articles and according to McDavid, D. & Crisp, A., 2005 this open cluster contains hydrogen and helium. Also, acording to Jerzykiewicz, M., Kopacki, G., Molenda-Zakowicz, J., & Kolaczkowski, Z., 2003, contains hydrogen.