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NGC 1685

NGC 1685 is a lenticular galaxy located in the constellation Orion about 207 million light years from the Milky Way. It was discovered by the Irish physicist George Stoney in 1850.

NGC 1684 can be classified as a galaxy with low surface brightness.


I have analyzed the spectrum of this galaxy. In this graph I have looked at which were the highest peaks, to identify what element it is made of. Then I have calculated the area of ​​each peak with respect to the total and these are my results.

To show that these are the correct elements I will attach some photos. To find what each element is, I have used the following web page:

                 HYDROGEN                                              ZINC                                              SELENIUM

I have not found any scientific article that explains the composition of NGC 1685.
In my results I have found that it has hydrogen, because you can clearly see that it has a very high peak at about 1.8 eV. In other words, it can be seen that there is a very high blue line at the beginning of everything, which indicates the presence of hydrogen.